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Gamestaff Staffords is a proud tradition of breeding and promoting Staffordshire Bull Terriers in Alberta, Canada. Our goals and priorities surround the standard, balanced dog. We believe in and strive for an all-round dog; functional conformation, temperament, soundness, intelligence and physical ability. Our dogs are known to “break the rules” of what modern Staffords are able to or should be able to do. They are active, athletic dogs that thrive on four-season exercise and always maintain the do-anything, go-anywhere characteristic that makes them such great family members. Our dogs live their lives as first and foremost family pets, participating in daily life with our family.


Health problems were at one time unheard of in this breed. Unfortunately, this is not the case now. Gamestaff takes great pride that our dogs have remained unaffected by problems plaguing the breed in other lines. Our dogs remain free from hereditary disease and disability. All Gamestaff dogs have a lifetime health guarantee against hereditary conditions.


What is the correct Stafford temperament? A great temperament to you may be totally inadequate to me. The Standard requires courage, intelligence, tenacity, affection for people, off-duty quietness, stability and in short, a foremost all-purpose dog. Our dogs exhibit all these characteristics. They are as described. They are easily trained and extremely tenacious. Around the house Gamestaff Staffords are content to do whatever you are doing. Our dogs are most content living in your lap and playing with the kids. Stable is an understatement in these dogs. Playing, eating, sleeping, whatever they happen to be doing, they are reliable members of the family. My dogs are raised having their food and toys stolen and play and sleep interrupted by young kids, with never so much as a displeasing look.


When out for walks and at the park we are constantly asked why our dogs are so small. The truth is, they aren’t. We own, breed and promote dogs within the breed Standard (14-16 inches, 24-38 pounds). Bigger than the Standard calls for is not terrible but should be balanced (maintaining the ratio called for in the Standard, a 42 pound dog should be 17.5 inches tall, similarly, a 14 inch dog should be close and hopefully under 24 pounds). Size is more than just a number, it is the framework for a balanced dog. Too heavy, too short, too anything would work against the dog as an all-purpose companion.

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We have a couple exciting litters coming up in the next couple months.  Please Contact us at gamestaff@gmail.com or 403-823-0297  to inquire about these litters and the waiting list.

The Gamestaff Family

Meet the people behind the beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terriers at Gamestaff Staffords.

Gamestaff Staffordshire Bull Terrier Kennel is located in rural Alberta, Canada, between Drumheller and Hanna and is proudly operated by Jacob and Krymsen Suelzle and family. Our place is about an hour and a half from Calgary and almost three hours from Edmonton.
We are still promoting, working and breeding the same type of dogs as ever, and are very proud of the line of dogs we have. We welcome any calls, e-mails and visits. Whether you want to talk about Staffordshire Bull Terriers, our Staffordshire Bull Terriers, your Staffordshire Bull Terrier, just dogs in general, or if you want to come out and get dirty with the dogs doing what they do; we’d love to hear from you.

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~ Jacob and Krymsen Suelzle

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