Dynamite Black Thirteen


The credit for this bitch goes to her owner and breeder, Stan Thorn of Dynamite Kennels. It is my privilege to have this bitch on my yard. This is without a doubt, one of the best examples of a Stafford not only alive right now, but ever. To top this, she is an outstanding producer. The pedigree behind this girl is everything good in the breed in North America going back to some of the best of Europe. The pedigree and selection of stock through that pedigree make this bitch one of the most genetically unique bitches alive.


Blackie is of ideal, traditional temperament and of physical ability that is second to none not only in this breed, but in this type of dog.

Pedigree : http://www.staffordshirebullterrierpedigrees.nl/modules/animal/pedigree.php?pedid=31464