Gamestaff Heidi Fleiss

Heidi is a red girl we kept out of Arnold and one of our friend’s girls. Heidi represents the infusion of some new blood to Gamestaff. Heidi is almost 16 inches tall with a nice 14.5 inch back. She`s a very responsive girl, very interested and in tune with the people around her. Her sire is obvious when watching her interact with people and other dogs, and her dam has turned out to have been a nice choice. Heidi has turned out to be one of the nicest girls we have ever bred and have had the pleasure of owning. Bred back to strong Gamestaff dogs, Heidi has proven herself as a great producer. A nice drive with a great degree of athleticism allows this girl to perform as well as every other Gamestaff girl on the yard.


Pedigree :