Gamestaff Odin


Odin was sired by our old Jack and was whelped by Bell. He measures 15.5 inches tall and is a solid 35 pounds. Short-backed, close coupled, angled like he could leap tall buildings, dead level with a tight waist, big spring of ribs and more muscle than should fit on a dog of his size. Bred here and owned by our good friend, Odin is proudly carrying on our blood as a great specimen and a fourth generation product of the Gamestaff effort. This boy has proven his worth as a stud for us, siring some outstanding pups. A perfect blend of his parents, this dog is truly an all-purpose Stafford. Like his dad, Odin is a go-anywhere, do anything kind of Stafford. Never met a stranger, always trust-worthy, this is the kind of dog who is really best-friend material. When people describe how good-natured a Stafford can be, they are talking about dogs like Odin.