Gamestaff Rebel Yell

Gamestaff Rebel YellRex is our keeper out of Arnold and Bell. He is our proud fifth generation of Gamestaff dogs. This dog is so much like hisgrand-sire in so many ways. Pure trouble in every way, he reminds me so much of old Jack. Like Jack, Rex is a physical specimen. Well put together and able to use it. Rex has reached a flat 16 inches, with a nice short 14.5 inch back. 35 pounds of athletic muscle make up this little body-builder. His high drive, mental fortitude and a sense of confidence and entitlement belonging to a dog ten times his size are backed up with more physical ability than should be possible. Real deal. This dog has it all.

I stand-by what I thought of this dog the day he was born, he is has turned into a great stafford.