The Breed


The greatest thing a history of violent contests with other animals has given us, is a dog that is better suited to being handled when at peak emotion than any other canine. Considering it’s past and what was required, this is not a breed that takes issue with a child interfering with it’s play or food. My young children learn to walk by holding onto a Stafford tail. My children do not hesitate to step between wrestling Staffords and regularly handle the dogs while they are eating or engaged in intense play.

1497370_923187541068470_7448866118460235617_n  WOULD YOU WANT ONE?

Gamestaff dogs are owned by and appeal to a wide variety of people. Single owners, couples, families; the commonality is people who want an all-purpose companion. These dogs are not for people who want the “bull breed” image There is no stereotypical Stafford owner, people want our dogs because Gamestaff offers something most other lines don’t, ability. The ability to take the worst a child can dish out, the ability to sit contently beside you on the couch, the ability to provide a sense of security for you and your family, the ability to spend the day jogging, hiking or playing ball. Whatever you want to do, our dogs are up for it and able to perform.


Physical stamina and ability equal to or surpassing most other breeds is a necessity in a Gamestaff dog and should be in any other line of Stafford. It should be stated that some of our dogs may exhibit aggression to other dogs and animals. This is not a trait we try to minimize or conceal as it is as much a part of being Stafford as any other quality. Instead, we promote and recommend responsible ownership. We require that Gamestaff Staffords are kept and exercised in controlled situations, away from potential problems (off-leash parks are strictly prohibited). Most of our dogs go through there entire lives without conflict with other dogs. We applaud those owners. Just because your dog appears to do well with other dogs, you must be pro-active to prevent things from happening in the first place instead of dealing with a situation afterwards.